Your First Orthodontic Appointment in Kalamazoo with Bandeen Orthodontics

First, it’s important to note that you do not need a referral from your general dentist in order to begin orthodontic treatment. There is nothing more important to the providers and staff at Bandeen Orthodontics of Kalamazoo than providing our patients with the best experience possible. Regardless of your orthodontic treatment needs, we will work hard to ensure your absolute comfort while exceeding all of your expectations at your first orthodontist appointment in Kalamazoo and every appointment thereafter. In this post, Bandeen Orthodontics will go over what you can expect for your first visit.

At your first appointment we will take high quality photos of your teeth and smile. We do this so that we can show you the full picture from a different perspective. This allows you to be better informed and makes it easier to understand your needs and your treatment options. A doctor will look at the pictures and at your smile and determine whether a complimentary x-ray is necessary at your first appointment.

Once your photos and any necessary x-rays are taken, you will have time to talk one on one with your doctor about your orthodontic care and the treatment options that are available to you based on your needs and desires. Then our skilled treatment coordinator will review your orthodontic treatment options with you, answer any additional questions you may have, and go over financial information related to your care.

Finally, we can even begin treatment at that first appointment if you are ready! We know how hard it is to make time for appointments, so why not get started while you’re already at our office? We get started by taking your x-rays and doing computer modeling or your teeth.