Why Choose a Custom Mouthguard?

Bandeen Orthodontics believes that preventative maintenance, such as custom mouthguards, can do a lot to keep your smile beautiful. Whether you need a mouthguard for teeth clenching, sports, or a variety of sleep disorders – we can provide you with the information necessary to make the best choice for your teeth. Although, many people use over the counter stock mouthguards or the boil-and-bite mouthguards, there are a lot of great benefits to choosing a custom mouthguard.

A mouthguard can prevent all the following:

Sports can do a lot of damage to your smile. A mouthguard can help you protect your teeth and prevent them from injuring your lips or tongue. Some sports where it is important to wear a mouthguard are football, soccer, boxing, basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, skateboarding, in-line skating, cycling, volleyball, softball, and wrestling.

Teeth Grinding, also called bruxism, is a sleep movement disorder than can cause an array of issues, such as tooth pain, jaw pain, and sore gums. It can also cause damage to your teeth. Custom mouthguards are best for this disorder because stock mouthguards can be hard to keep in place and uncomfortable while boil-and-bite mouthguards are too brittle to last long.

Sleep Apnea is a more serious sleep disorder that causes a person to temporarily stop breathing when they are asleep. This prevents your brain from getting enough oxygen and can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. Some people with sleep apnea use a CPAP machine to keep their airways open but those with a mild sleep apnea condition can use a mouthguard. A custom mouthguard for sleep apnea works by pushing your lower jaw and tongue forward, which keeps your airway open.

Snoring happens when vibrations of your soft tissue occur in your upper airway. Mouthguards tend to reduce snoring because they pull the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open.

Braces can be damaged, and a mouthguard made for them can make sure you are covered. If you play sports or grind and clench your teeth, it is important to protect your teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks, as well as your braces. Mouthguards can be made to cover the upper and lower teeth for sports.

To find out if you could benefit from a mouthguard or nightguard, contact us to learn more. You can do this by calling, using our contact form, or using our custom mouthguard form provided on our website for your convenience!