When to Consider Invisalign Instead of Braces

Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo cares about helping you make the right choice regarding your treatment, whether it be with Invisalign or braces. We believe that it is better for us to provide you with an honest assessment rather than providing you with unrealistic expectations to any treatment method. Our feeling is that many patients can be treated with Invisalign, but not everyone can be treated well with Invisalign. We will let you know up front what your chances with Invisalign will be and if braces are a better match.

Invisalign Treatment Process

After your first examination, we will determine if your orthodontic treatment can be properly managed with Invisalign. If you are a good fit for Invisalign, we will take a set of photographs, x-rays, and impressions that we submit to our lab. Once Invisalign receives a copy of your records, they will create a three-dimensional computerized model of your teeth from the impressions. Once we coordinate your impressions with our office, Invisalign will make your aligners and send them to us. These aligners are clear retainers that will be worn instead of braces.

Once we receive these aligners, you will begin your treatment. Depending on your treatment, we will give you 2-4 at a time that are to be worn for about two weeks each in sequence until they have all been worn. So, your appointments will be every month or every other month. The number of aligners depends entirely on your specific goals and how much movement is required.

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform finishing touches upon your completion of the aligners. This allows us to revise any results that we need to fine tune prior to your treatment ending. This may result in a few more aligners. After your Invisalign treatment, we help preserve your results with a set of retainers and a follow up to make sure your perfect smile lasts.

Finding the Right Treatment

If Invisalign is not enough to appropriately adjust your teeth, we will talk about the options beforehand. This may lead to having braces or regular retainers for a short while following your Invisalign treatment. The fact is that some goals cannot be achieved with Invisalign alone, but we will address the best method for you. We believe that as healthcare providers it is not our role to “sell” our patients treatments, instead we work with you to find the perfect treatment for your teeth.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, please contact us today! You an try our virtual consultation or book an appointment online for your first visit.