When is the Best Time for Orthodontic Care?

At Bandeen Orthodontics, we believe that orthodontic care can be for everyone regardless of age. Offering treatments for child, teen and adult patients, you can count on Bandeen Orthodontics to provide quality treatment. Whether you are over the age of eighteen and are looking for orthodontic treatment, or are a child experiencing complications that can be solved with orthodontic care, Bandeen Orthodontics is ready to help you make your smile shine through a variety of tooth alignment treatments.

Treatment When it Matters

For many, having early orthodontic treatment may have been normal, and because of this, may have received orthodontic tooth alignment twice. While it certainly was the case in the past, we at Bandeen Orthodontics understand that having early treatment may not be entirely necessary for a successful treatment while as a teen. With this understanding, we do offer early treatment in cases where it is necessary. If early treatment will help to prevent extreme self-consciousness, emergencies, and airway concerns like sleep apnea, then we will provide the necessary treatment.

Quality Treatment for Patients of All Ages

Receiving treatment for tooth alignment is not something that is just for kids and teens. At Bandeen Orthodontics, about a third of our patients are over the age of eighteen. No matter what age you are, you can receive the same quality of treatment as you would have gotten as a teen for your orthodontic care. With a variety of styles of treatment, from two different styles of braces, and Invisalign, we can provide a treatment that perfectly fits your smile.

Orthodontic Treatments With Fast Results

Getting your orthodontic treatment with Bandeen orthodontic means that you are choosing a fast treatment that does not sacrifice comfort. Taking only about twelve to eighteen months instead of two to three years, our patients receive the same quality results of orthodontic treatment in about half the time compared to how long it used to take. Orthodontic treatment is now easier than ever, making use of two types of braces, the Damon System of advanced, passive litigated braces, the computer modeled Insignia Custom Smile design, as well as clear Invisalign aligners, we can provide treatment that will help you see fast results without the use of uncomfortable Herbst appliances, palatal expanders, and headgear.

Any time is the best time for orthodontic care. With treatment available for people of all ages, we at Bandeen Orthodontics can help you have a perfect smile. Try a virtual consult online to find out what treatment will best fit your smile or contact us today to learn more about the different treatment options we provide at Bandeen Orthodontics.