What are the Benefits of Choosing Bandeen Orthodontics for your Orthodontic Care?

At Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo, we understand the concerns that orthodontic patients may have when receiving their treatment. Working to provide orthodontic care to patients of all ages, we use some of the most effective and efficient treatment techniques to give patients the best smile possible. If you are looking for the best orthodontic treatment possible in Kalamazoo, Michigan, here’s why you should choose Bandeen Orthodontics.

Free Initial Inspections

Before you start your orthodontic treatment with Bandeen Orthodontics, you will be able to find out what kind of treatment will best suit your smile. Offering free initial inspections, you won’t have to worry about financing your treatment until after it begins. Giving patients the opportunity to meet with an orthodontist before beginning treatment, you will be able to discuss your options with an experienced professional to help you find the right orthodontic treatment for you. Also offering free online virtual consultations, if you are unable to make an appointment for an initial inspection, you can still work with the orthodontists in Kalamazoo to find what treatment would be best for you.

Effective and Efficient Treatment Systems

Finding the right orthodontic treatment for your tooth alignment is easy with Bandeen Orthodontics. We primarily use two different braces systems for our patients, allowing them to have a fast and effective orthodontic treatment that doesn’t use bulky headgear or uncomfortable Herbst appliances. Primarily using Damon System braces, our patients receive fast and effective orthodontic treatment that doesn’t make use of uncomfortable palatal expanders. Also offering treatment using the insignia advanced smile design system of braces, we can provide patients with computer visualized predictions for their tooth alignment.

Flexible financing options

Medical costs can often be a stressful subject for patients. at Bandeen Orthodontics, we understand just how difficult it can be to juggle expenses. At Bandeen Orthodontics, we offer flexible financing and payment options. Working with patients to create a payment plan that meets their budget, you will be able to find a financing option that works for you, even if it extends beyond your treatment.

At Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo we work to bring patients the most effective and affordable orthodontic treatment and care. Book an appointment online, or to learn more about the treatment plans Bandeen Orthodontics offers its patients, contact us today!