View the Orthodontic Options Available Through Our Case Studies

Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo offers a full range of orthodontic services for child and adult patients. From early treatments for young kids to Invisalign or custom mouth guards for adult, we can provide superior orthodontic treatment to improve your smile and the quality of your life. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your teeth to identify any potential issues, so that we can formulate the best possible treatment plan for your specific needs. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the case studies for which we can provide excellent treatment and care.

Full Treatments

There are a number of reasons why teeth can become crooked, misaligned, or cramped together. The condition of your teeth will help determine what needs to be done to correct the issues and which procedures are appropriate for your case. With a full treatment, we will get a full understanding of your issues, so that you are fully informed about what we need to do before any treatment begins.

Class II Treatment

If you are in a situation where either your upper teeth jut out ahead of your lower teeth or vice versa, this requires specialized treatment to straighten your teeth and make sure they are properly aligned to improve your smile and help with any difficulty you may have biting and chewing food.


There are incidents in which teeth should be removed when there is too much crowding or when permanent teeth cannot come in properly. Your orthodontist will discuss any potential extractions you may need for successful treatment.

Narrow Smiles

In cases where few of your teeth show up when you smile, we can use palatal expanders to correct your narrow smile. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of your smile, but it could improve your ability to properly chew food.

Open Bites

If your top and bottom teeth do not touch when you bite down, it can cause all sorts of problems when you try to eat, especially with harder foods. We can provide treatment that allows you to bit food properly.

Gaps in Your Smile

Whether there is a natural gap in your smile or a gap caused by missing teeth, we can formulate a strategy that can help shift your teeth and remove those gaps.

If you suffer from any of these problems or others, contact the professionals at Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo to schedule your initial consultation.