How to Apply for the Smile Grant

Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo understands that braces can be expensive and that is one of the reasons we founded the Smile Grant Scholarship. With this new community inclusive program, Bandeen Orthodontics can give back to the community through an orthodontic scholarship. Though we have participated in other forms of scholarship programs, this program allows us more flexibility and the ability to make our own terms.

There are no age restrictions, so adults and children in need of orthodontic treatment can be selected for the Smile Grant. All you need to do is fill out the online application located on our website or print out the PDF form to mail to our Battle Creek location at 4602 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015. Our plan is to select six recipients for the grant every year and through this, they will receive full treatment with us for free. Orthodontic treatments typically range over $35,000. People will be selected based on their functional and financial need.

We are always accepting applications for the Smile Grant and the recipients will be notified if they are chosen for the program. Those selected for the program will undergo their orthodontic treatment, which does include braces.

With our braces, we use the Damon System. These braces tend to be smaller than most types of braces, easier to clean, and tend to hurt less because they require less pushing to move the teeth. The Damon System has been clinically proven to reduce treatment times, provide excellent results, and improve the overall experience.  With this treatment, we no longer have to use palatal expanders either. So, if you are told that your smile requires surgery and expanders, contact us to find a different option.

With our Insignia Custom Smile Design, our doctors are even able to plan your treatment results before braces are even placed. This way you can get a better idea of what your treatment will entail. Insignia allows us to place braces right where we want them and with this method, we can give you a starting treatment with the end in mind. Dr. Tim and Dr. Emily have even received recognition as one of only four offices in the entire world to achieve Insignia Premier Provider status every year since 2010! Dr. Tim has been presenting on the topic internationally since 2011.

With your Smile Grant application, let us know how orthodontic treatment could improve your daily life and send us a picture of that smile – say cheese!