Reasons why The Damon System Works Best

At Bandeen Orthodontics we understand the value of a beautiful smile and with that in mind, our goal is to make your dental trips as convenient and easily assessable as possible. Because of this, our facility is featured as a Damon System premier provider office. Which means that we not only carry these lighter forced braces but are one of the few offices in the entire world to achieve this level status of care. Dr. Tim Bandeen is even nationally recognized as a Damon certified educator.

Damon System and Insignia Advanced Smile Design come in either clear or metal and are typically smaller than many other types of braces. They are easier to clean than the braces with the colored rings and hurt less because they require less pushing to move the teeth. The Damon system has been clinically proven to reduce treatment times and significantly improve patient comfort and experience.

With the Damon System, the use of palatal expanders is unnecessary. Now, this doesn’t mean that we do not provide expansion of the dental arches when needed, it just means that our doctors feel there is a better way to expand than the outdated tech of the rapid palatal expander.  In our opinion, Damon system braces allow us to accomplish a healthier, more stable expansion equal to (or better!) than what is achieved with the palatal expanders.

With Bandeen Orthodontics’ Insignia Custom Smile Design, our doctors plan your treatment results before the braces are even put on. With Insignia we are able to figure out the placement of the braces beforehand, so you get the best possible treatment from the very first day. With our custom placement of brackets and custom-built wires, our braces are made uniquely for each tooth. We don’t just stick braces on the teeth – we have a plan that starts before the braces are even placed. Insignia is the essence of starting treatment with the end in mind.

If you are an adult and have been told that your treatment requires surgical expansion, please call us for a second opinion because there may be other options available! Expansion was often considered to be limited to treatment of children, but that is no longer the case. Expansion in adult with the Damon System will not give you lesser results and it might be a great treatment option for you!

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