Orthodontic Treatment Options That Meet the Needs of Any Smile

For many who require orthodontic care, it may be difficult to determine just when treatment is necessary. Offering a full range of orthodontic care services for child and adult patients, Bandeen Orthodontics is ready to help patients find the treatment that they need to improve their quality of life. Offering both early and full treatments to our patients, we are prepared to help identify and formulate a treatment solution that best meets our patients’ needs. Ready to provide treatments for any malocclusion, here are some examples of the treatments that the orthodontists in Kalamazoo at Bandeen Orthodontics have provided.

Early Orthodontic Treatments

At Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo, we only recommend early treatment when we believe it to be absolutely necessary to improve the lives of our patients. Phase 1 treatments are treatments that are applied where there are still some baby teeth present. Because of this, it may not be necessary to seek orthodontic treatment until only adult teeth are present. However, in situations where a patient is caused great discomfort, has airway issues, is experiencing extreme self-consciousness, or in emergencies where pain or damage could result from overcrowded, abnormally developed, or crowded teeth, we will provide early treatments to help alleviate these concerns.

Full Treatments for a Variety of Concerns

Full treatment means that all or most of the patient’s adult teeth are present when starting treatment. Most patients who receive full treatment often don’t have to receive treatment a second time and can also avoid longer treatment times. Ready to treat orthodontic Class II cases, where the upper jaw is farther forward than the lower teeth, Class III where the lower jaw is farther forward than the upper teeth, Narrow smiles, open bite, incorrect spacing, impactions, and capable of providing tooth extraction treatments, dental implants, and treatments that can aid patients who have teeth that have developed differently than expected, Full orthodontic treatments provide patients with lasting results.

Offering orthodontic treatment in Kalamazoo that can help patients improve their quality of life by treating a variety of conditions, when you are looking for treatment for any tooth alignment issue you may be facing, you can trust that the orthodontists in Kalamazoo at Bandeen Orthodontics will find the best treatment for your smile. See our case studies for more information on the treatments we provide or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.