In Need of a Kalamazoo Orthodontist? Begin Treatment Today with Bandeen Orthodontics.

A common misconception is that in order to see an orthodontist, you need a referral from a general dentist. This is absolutely false. At Bandeen Orthodontics, your Kalamazoo orthodontist, you do not need a referral to see us. We believe in providing our patients with the best patient care and treatment results possible and do everything we can to make your orthodontic treatment easy and uncomplicated. Regardless of what your orthodontic treatment needs are, we work hard to exceed your expectations while ensuring your comfort and understanding. In this post, we will look at what you should expect at your first appointment and when you begin treatment with your Kalamazoo orthodontist, Bandeen Orthodontics.

At your initial visit, we will begin by taking high-definition (HD) photos of your teeth and smile. This allows us to show you a full picture of your mouth from a new perspective, allowing you to be fully informed and able to understand your treatment options and needs. Once we have the photos, one of our doctors will look at them, along with your smile to decide whether or not a complimentary x-ray is needed at your first appointment.

After your photos and x-rays (if necessary) have been taken, your doctor will speak with you one-on-one. You will discuss what treatment options are available based on your needs and what you’re looking to accomplish from your orthodontic treatment. After you are given all pertinent information, you will meet with our treatment coordinator who will review your options with you, answer any questions you have, and go over financial and insurance information as it relates to your orthodontic treatment.

At Bandeen Orthodontics, the premier Kalamazoo orthodontist, if you’re ready, we can also begin your treatment at your initial appointment! This involves taking x-rays (if needed) and doing a computer model of your teeth. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us today! You can also try our virtual consult by clicking here.