Getting Braces? Find the type that Works Best For You

Are you considering dental braces but are unsure which type of treatment is right for you? Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo offers a few different styles of braces. With a selection of two types of wire braces Damen™ system and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™, and clear Invisalign braces, Bandeen Orthodontics will help you find the right treatment to improve your smile.

Our Recommended Style of Braces

The Damon™ System braces are our recommended option for our patients. Using low friction wires, this system gently moves teeth into the correct position with greater speed while using less force and requiring fewer regular adjustments than traditional braces. They are easier to clean than regular braces as well, due to the fact that they do not use elastic ties. These braces also have the added benefit of being more comfortable than regular braces due to their small bracket size. With greater comfort and quicker treatment time, The Damon™ system is our most recommended style of orthodontic treatment.

A Truly Unique Treatment

The Insignia advanced Smile Design are a customized orthodontic treatment that uses computer technology to accurately predict what the end result of the treatment will look like at the very beginning. With each bracket customized and designed to best fit your teeth, the Insignia advanced smile design provides a unique, yet ideal, treatment for each patient.

An Option Without Metal Braces

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that Bandeen Orthodontics also offers. Making use of clear aligners instead of wires and brackets, Invisalign provides a slower but more discreet treatment. Using precise imaging of each tooth, this treatment’s aligners are practically invisible. Easier to clean than all other types of braces, the aligners can be removed before eating, drinking and brushing, making it not only easier to keep your teeth clean, but also to keep your Invisalign aligners clean as well. However, while easier to clean that the other treatments, still has its own limitations, so it’s important to consult an orthodontist to see if this treatment is right for you.

When it comes to choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you, there is no one size fits all solution. Each mouth is unique and has its own individual needs, and with the orthodontic treatments offered at Bandeen Orthodontics, you’re sure to find the best treatment to improve your smile. Contact us today to book an appointment or try a free virtual consultation on your phone!