Get Your Braces with Bandeen Orthodontics

There are a variety of dental and orthodontics offices in the area, Bandeen Orthodontics provides the unique opportunity of having multiple locations in the southwest Michigan area for braces. With our Damon dental technique, custom mouth guards, and Invisalign, we can cater to the majority of your orthodontics needs. With our Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Three Rivers facilities, Bandeen Orthodontics has got you covered – wherever you are in Southwest Michigan.


Bandeen Orthodontics provide its services at the majority of our locations. We specialize in the Damon method for braces, Invisalign, and custom mouthguards. With us, we limit our early treatments to when it really matters, not just to have a busier office. In the past, orthodontists believed that early treatments were the only way to provide the best overall results. Expanders, lip bumpers, and other appliances were used on almost every patient. Fortunately, newer treatment methods, make it such methods no longer necessary for patients. At our office, you can trust us to put your well-being first, and provide you with the best treatment for your teeth.

The Damon Method

The Damon treatment requires no expanders and no surgery. At Bandeen Orthodontics, we are a premier provider of the Damon System and Dr. Tim Bandeen is a Damon Certified Educator. We use the latest technological advances to create passive self-ligating brackets, light-force arch wires, and minimally invasive treatment protocols such as teeth pulling. With this braces system, the treatment process is dramatically reduced and provides an improved comfort and experience for the patient. With our Insignia custom smile design, we are even able to plan your results prior to the braces being placed to give you the outlined treatment plan you deserve.

Invisalign & Custom Mouth Guards

With Bandeen Orthodontics, many of our patients have the option for Invisalign. If you are interested in our Invisalign, process, stop in for a free consultation and initial exam to see if you qualify. If you cannot get the treatment goals we desire with this method, we will let you know the best route to take.

We do custom mouth guards as well. Fill out our online form and let us know what sport you play, what color you want, what school you attend or pro team you participate in, and if you would like any custom options. We can do school logos, jersey numbers, and last names. Let us know your preference today by clicking here. If you are interested in our Battle Creek or Three Rivers facilities, please contact us!