Get Better Results with the Damon System

We use the Damon System braces at Bandeen Orthodontics in Kalamazoo because they are the best option for our patients. They are smaller, easier to clean, and hurt less than regular braces. We have found that Damon System braces provide lighter forces, less discomfort, and shorter treatment times than other braces. There are two Damon certified educator practices in Michigan, and we are one of them. In addition to our Damon system, we also use Insignia Advanced Smile Design, and Invisalign when we feel that they can do the job.

Damon System Braces

With Bandeen Orthodontics Damon System braces, it is an advanced passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech light-force archwires (light pushing), and minimally invasive treatment protocols (few teeth removed). Which means that is provide an incredible advantage and variety of benefits for our patients. With the Damon system, a slide mechanism connects the archwires to the bracket while allowing the wire to move freely. It reduces friction and improves oral hygiene by eliminating elastic ties. Traditional braces use these elastic ties that create friction, slowing treatment down, and collecting harmful bacteria.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

With the Insignia Advanced Smile Design, we are able to plan your results before even putting on braces. Allowing you to see what the treatment process will look like. With our advanced technology, your brackets and wires are 100% customizable.


With our Invisalign process, we are able to work with multiple types of mouths, but every process has a chance of success and failure. We give you an honest assessment instead of inappropriate expectations with regard to our Invisalign treatment method. With our retainer-like aligners and coordinated lab work, you will be able to straighten your teeth without the bulky metal braces. This type of treatment works with a variety of orthodontics, but if it is not right for you, we will let you know!

At Bandeen Orthodontics, we believe in providing our patients with the best treatment care for their individual needs. That means, going over everything with you prior to the start of your orthodontic treatment and working with you every step of the way so you get the best outcome. If you are interested in our Damon System Braces or Invisalign, contact us today to set up your virtual consultation.