Find the Right Plan with Orthodontic Treatment in Kalamazoo

At Bandeen Orthodontics, we know that no two patients’ mouths are the same, and that is why our orthodontic treatment in Kalamazoo provides the best solutions that are unique to each patient. Our experienced team has seen it all, and we are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to handle any tooth problems you may have, no matter how severe.

Helping patients both young an old, from beginning of orthodontic treatment plans through years after braces have been taken off for retainer replacement, our team works with every mouth’s specific needs and applies a treatment plan that gets it where it needs to be for a healthier bite.

Help from the very beginning

The first time that you walk through Bandeen’s doors, you are met with a treatment plan to help you along your teeth straightening journey. By taking pictures, x-rays (if needed), and scanning your teeth, our doctors will discuss one-on-one with you, based on the information we get, what your best options are. This allows us to keep patients in-the-know from the very beginning, making their overall experience more comfortable.

And, if, from the very first visit, you are ready to start your treatment, we can even often get started right away with your treatment plan from this first visit!

A simple and effective treatment plan

Rather than overcomplicate treatment and cause it to last for much longer than necessary, the team at Bandeen Orthodontics of Kalamazoo provides a treatment process using only the best technology and ortho practices to ensure a quick and easy treatment. We want our patients to rest assured that they won’t be going through the orthodontic process any longer than necessary. Whether braces or Invisalign, our team helps you through the process for a quick treatment plan.

No matter what stage of life you are in, it can be intimidating to start orthodontic treatment in Kalamazoo because of not wanting things like braces to get in the way of your normal routine. Our team understands this and works to lower any stress patients may have about the process by helping it to go by as quickly as possible through effective, proven treatment plans.

By starting treatments at what we think is the “right time” for each unique mouth, we help treatment times get lowered, which also lowers the cost of treatment for each patient. If you want to be part of the Bandeen family and have your mouth worked on by a team of professionals who will find the right treatment plan for you, then contact us today!